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The Split experience (SPOILER WARNING)

When I first saw the trailer for Split, I laughed … I laughed. I mean James McAvoy was dressed as a woman. And then pretending to be a nine-year-old boy. When I thought it couldn’t getĀ  worse, what popped on … Continue reading

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Happy New Year … I’m back

Let’s just say this. The last time I posted on this blog, Fantastic FourĀ (aka Fant4stic) was my fifth most anticipated movie for the summer of 2015 … a lot has changed. I’ve been away too long, and I know you’ve … Continue reading

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Dukemich’s holiday movie tradition

Over the years, my family has developed a tradition on my mom’s side of the family, in which we see a movie on Thanksgiving and Christmas (Well my parents are divorced so my sister and I alternate Thanksgivings between them … Continue reading

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I’m Joe!

Hey, I’m Joe Baress and I love sports and movies so I figured, why not create a blog where I discuss both? I’m a senior at the University of Scranton and I will start my final semester Jan. 30. I’m … Continue reading

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