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Top 10 worst movies of 2017

I did a segment for this Jan. 10 on Episode 96 of The Bridge. The Bridge is broadcast as a one-hour radio show Monday through Friday on Sports Radio America  at 8 p.m. A brand new show airs Wednesdays, then is released … Continue reading

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Happy New Year … I’m back

Let’s just say this. The last time I posted on this blog, Fantastic Four (aka Fant4stic) was my fifth most anticipated movie for the summer of 2015 … a lot has changed. I’ve been away too long, and I know you’ve … Continue reading

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Little lull before the summer season

To this point, the month of April hasn’t produced a slew of fantastic movies. Some of the movies included an unwarranted sequel, a bunch of actors trying to get together one last time to keep a franchise alive, a poor … Continue reading

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