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Weekend Wrap Up: A Bright Future for the X-Men

Even the most popular and enduring franchises inevitably begin to erode after enough time. Whether it’s because of just plain viewer fatigue, or a bad installment or two, audiences can begin to turn away. However, every now and then, a … Continue reading

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May Movie Preview

As expected, April was the month of Captain America. He led pretty much wire to wire and aside from Rio 2, there really wasn’t a single other noteworthy release for the whole month. May will assuredly not continue that trend. … Continue reading

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Weekend Wrap Up: “2 Guns” Shoot up the Competition

Unless Elysium somehow proves to be a blockbuster next weekend, it’s looking like we have officially left the big money-makers and blockbusters behind. It happens almost every year as we turn to August. That certainly doesn’t mean films can’t be … Continue reading

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