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Logan Lucky review (Five Minutes in the Film Room transcript)

Here is the transcript for my review of Logan Lucky, which aired Sept. 6 on Episode 82 of The Bridge. On Episode 82, you can also hear my good friend John Lund interview Ian St. Clair, a Denver Broncos columnist … Continue reading

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Hill shines in first slim role

The first preview for 21 Jump Street,┬áreboot of a TV show starring Johnny Depp, felt like it came out six months before the movie was actually released in theaters. Because my friends and I usually see a movie once a … Continue reading

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Haywire doesn’t live up to title

I usually enjoy movies with a strong female character, who beats the crap out of anybody who stands in her way. Uma Thurman did a great job in both Kill Bill movies. I like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider and … Continue reading

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