What We Do

On this site, we will review movies, analyze the box office and provide previews of upcoming films. Analyzing the box office entails delving into how much revenue movies make, and making predictions about how much money films will gross. Our movie previews will comprise of our thoughts on upcoming films and total box office gross.

On top of movie reviews, box office recaps and movie previews, we will also provide Oscar predictions as well as other topical posts about movies or actors (for instance, a tribute to an actor who has died).

The Rating System

Our reviews will have a personalized touch as the ratings will be based on how much we enjoyed a movie. It doesn’t necessarily have to have good quality to receive a higher rating, although it definitely helps.

Our rating system will be in cups instead of stars (5 cups being the highest ranking a movie can receive and 0 cups being the lowest). In other words, a movie awarded 0 cups is the epitome of ineptitude, while a movie receiving 5 cups puts it in the cream of the crop.

For example, The Dark Knight would receive 5 out of 5 cups.

Cup of Joe   Cup of Joe   Cup of Joe   Cup of Joe   Cup of Joe

A movie like The Devil Inside would receive 0 cups out of 5.

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