Weekend Wrap Up for 1/6/2017

RogueOnePoster.jpgWe’ve officially moved into 2017, though as is often the case with early January, the box office was dominated by holdovers rather than any new releases. Rogue One led the way for the fourth straight weekend, falling 56% to $22M. It is now only about $9M behind Finding Dory for the 2016 domestic crown. Rogue One will have no problem sailing past $500M and should end up around $525M by the end of its run. Quite the impressive run for a movie that’s basically a spin-off featuring virtually none of the major players in the Star Wars universe, apart from Darth Vader’s (admittedly awesome) small role.

In second place, Hidden Figures had a strong national expansion, increasing over 2400% to $21.8M. That’s a great result, especially considering it’s still only in 2,471 theatres, meaning there’s plenty of room for future expansions. Furthermore, Hidden Figures has a rare A+ Cinemascore, which could mean great things for its legs. A total north of $100M is far from out of the question.

After experiencing a big increase over the holidays, Sing came back down to earth, falling 54% to $19.6M. It has so far amassed $213.4M, making it the fourth highest grossing movie never to hit #1 at the box office. Assuming it doesn’t back its way into the number one spot in the future, Sing will finally end the reign of My Big Fat Greek Wedding as the biggest movie to never be #1. Regardless, it’ll end up being another big hit for Illumination and should finish around $250M.

With the opening of Underworld: Blood Wars, I think we’ve seen the final nail in the coffin for this franchise. The fifth Underworld movie could only muster up $13.1M in its debut, making it by far the weakest opener in the series. Blood Wars will likely have very poor legs en route to a finish around $35M, making for a lackluster end to the franchise. Assuming it doesn’t get rebooted in 10 years or so anyway.

Wrapping up the top five, La La Land increased 5% to $10M, boosting its total to $55.7M against a $30M budget. That’s a really good result for a musical, especially one that still hasn’t even cracked 2000 theatres. With more expansions and awards buzz, La La Land could enjoy a very leggy box office run and hang around the top ten for the next two months.

Looking ahead to next weekend, it’s a crowded one as we’ll see three new wide releases as well as three expansions into national release. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sleepless, Monster Trucks and The Bye Bye Man all pulled in under $10M. Silence won’t make too much noise in 750 theatres either. Live by Night might hit $15M while I think Patriots Day will lead the weekend with an opening in the $20-25M range. So that’ll do it for this weekend’s wrap up. Until we meet again.

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