Weekend Wrap Up: “Maleficent” is Magnificent

This May has been a month of one-weekend wonders. Films open to impressive numbers, only to crash hard and being quickly replaced by the next big thing. This weekend proved no different, as last week’s champ, X-Men: Days of Future Past took a hard tumble, allowing Maleficent to easily sweep in and take the top spot. Meanwhile, maybe A Million Ways to Die in the West should’ve been called “A Million Ways to Flop at the Box Office.”



There are certain movies, sometimes whole genres, whose success I just do not understand. Maleficent is one of those movies. It holds no interest to me whatsoever, and I don’t understand what is remotely appealing about it. Then again, I’m an unapologetic Angelina Jolie hater (justified or not) so my bias really gets in the way. Anyway, moving on to something actually relevant, Maleficent opened to a potent $70 million. That’s well below Alice in Wonderland but noticeably above Snow White and the Huntsman, as well as in the same ballpark as Oz: The Great and Powerful. So that’s a very strong result, and if word of mouth proves decent, $200 million is far from unthinkable. So, yes, Maleficent could outgross both The Amazing SpiderMan 2 and Godzilla. And that possibility just feels me with such deep, deep sorrow.

Well, I was hoping its sheer awesomeness and the good word of mouth could save Days of Future Past from suffering a particularly steep drop. Alas, twas not to be. DOFP fell a Godzilla-like 64% to $32.6 million. Admittedly, last week was inflated by a holiday, but I was still hoping for better. Nonetheless, the total is at $162.1 million, making $200 million a guarantee, but I doubt it can still reach The Last Stand‘s $234 million. It’ll probably end up around $215-225 million.

A Million Ways to Die in the West could only muster up $17.1 million this weekend. That’s less than a third of Ted. I guess the trailers weren’t that funny to begin with, and what few jokes were there just got overplayed. Add in the fact that it’s a Western, and that genre fails time and time again, maybe this result should be so surprising. At any rate, the best case scenario at this point is probably a total around $50 million.

Continuing its quick decline, Godzilla fell 61% to $12.2 million. With a total of $174.7 million now, I just don’t see how it can get to $200 million at this point. That’s downright impressive to open above $90 million and fail to hit $200 million in total. Impressive for dubious reasons, but still. Blended dropped a not bad 41% but even still, this one’s a flop. $8.4 million this weekend put its total gross at $29.6 million.

Dropping 45% to $7.7 million, Neighbors lifted its sum to $128.6 million. Down 52%, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 grossed $3.8 million this weekend, putting the total gross at $192.7 million. I imagine Sony will let Spidey keep playing until he inches his way over the $200 million milestone. Million Dollar Arm fell 47% to $3.7 million, giving the Jon Hamm film a total of $28.1 million.

Ninth places goes to Chef, which I still hardly know anything about. Anyway, it held well, dipping just 11% to $2 million. The Jon Favreau picture has a total of $6.9million. Finally, The Other Woman crashed 62% to $1.4 million; its total is at $81.1 million. Next weekend, it’s definitely possible Maleficent stays on top, as I don’t expect Edge of Tomorrow or The Fault in Our Stars to even crack $30 million. But who knows, maybe we’re in store for a surprise. Those are always fun. Until we meet again.

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