Weekend Wrap Up: Spider-Man Not Quite Amazing

Twelve years ago on this very weekend, the original Spider-Man destroyed expectations en route to a theretofore unthinkable $114 million opening, shattering the previous record for biggest opening weekend. Five years after that, the franchise reclaimed the biggest debut crown with the $151 million opening of Spider-Man 3. This series is no stranger to massive box office numbers. But even the mightiest franchises can start to wane, and that is what we are starting to see with Spider-Man.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

File:The Amazing Spiderman 2 poster.jpg

Spider-Man started the summer movie season off with a $92 million opening. That’s a few million shy of the $95 million opening a month ago. Just a few short years ago, who would ever thought that Captain America would surpass Spider-Man in popularity? But such is the post-Avengers world in which we live. This is still a very strong opening for TASM2 and it’s tough for any franchise to maintain momentum through five entries, but even with twelve years of ticket price inflation and the addition of 3D, TASM2 couldn’t even come close to the original Spider-Man. It may sound like I’m ragging on this movie a lot; it still had a really good opening, but I’m just pointing out that Spidey’s best days are behind him at this point. I’d say best case scenario at this point would be a total gross of around $240 million.

The Other Woman held decently, falling 43% to $14.2 million. With its larger than expected opening and now a solid drop, TOW is moving into true surprise hit territory. It has just under $47.4 million through two weeks. Heaven is for Real dropped 39% and grossed $8.7 million, lifting its strong sum to $65.6 million. In the wake of TASM2, Captain America took a hit, falling 52% to $7.8 million. It has $237.1 million in the bank and should end up around $250 million.

Rio 2 dropped 45% to $7.6 million. With $106.5 million so far, it’ll likely end up around $120 million. Brick Mansions got demolished 63% and pulled in $3.5 million. Give it $15.5 million in total. In seventh place, Divergent fell 41% to $2.2 million. The (inexplicable?) franchise-starter now has a total of $142.7 million. The Quiet Ones held all right for a horror movie, dropping 49%. But that’s far little too late, as it pulled in only $2 million this weekend and has a total of just $6.8 million.

The Grand Budapest Hotel just won’t check out. It dipped a slim 29% to $1.75 million, lifting its solid total to $51.5 million. God’s Not Dead wraps up the top ten. The surprise hit fell 39% to $1.7 million. A $55.5 million total is way more than I think anyone could’ve imagined for this picture. And there we have it, the first weekend of the summer movie season has come and gone. Next weekend continues a jam-packed month, as we get the barely worth mentioning Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return and Mom’Night Out, but the real story should be if Neighbors can take the number one spot away from Spider-Man. Early reviews and word of mouth are glowing for the comedy, so it should be interesting. Until we meet again.

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