Weekend Wrap Up: Audiences Empower “The Other Woman”

In the month of Captain America, he couldn’t quite hold on for the very rare fourth weekend on top. Cap’s failure to achieve that honor is mostly because of the surprisingly strong debut of The Other Woman, which handily beat expectations en route to a number one finish. Audiences clearly weren’t in the mood for quality entertainment, as The Other Woman has just a 25% at Rotten Tomatoes.

The Other Woman

File:The Other Woman (2014 film) poster.jpg

Debuting to a very solid $24.7 million, The Other Woman debuted well ahead of most predictions, which had it pegged in the mid to high teens. I’m a bit puzzled by this success. I would’ve though the overdone premise and terrible reviews would’ve turned people away. Then again, a movie led by a female cast is relatively rare, and women may have been looking for a “girl’s night out” kinda flick. Even still, I’d imagine awful legs for this and I’d be surprised to see it gross more than $60 million in total.

Our former three time champ, Captain America: The Winter Soldier dipped 37% to $16.1 million. Coming off a holiday weekend, that’s a good hold. Its total is up to $224.9 million, which already puts it well past Thor: The Dark World. Cap should wrap up his run right around $250 million. Heaven is for Real showed decent legs, dropping 39% to $13.8 million. That brings the total to $51.9 million. The way things are looking, a final gross around $70-75 million is possible.

Rio 2 dropped 38% to $13.7 million. With a current sum of $96.2 million, it’s probably headed for a total of about $115 million. Fifth place goes to the debut of Brick Mansions, the last film the late Paul Walker completed before his untimely death. Realistically, this movie might not have even been released theatrically if it wasn’t Walker’s last role. Even if it was, it probably would’ve made less than its $9.6 million debut. Most moviegoers would rather give Walker a proper send-off with Fast and Furious 7 next year.

After a severely underwhelming opening, the bad news continued for Transcendence. It crashed 62% to $4.1 million. It has a total of just $18.5 million and may fail to hit $25 million for its entire run. Finnick Odair couldn’t do much to help The Quiet Ones, as it opened to just $4 million. After debuting in tenth last week, by virtue of a good hold, Bears actually moved up to eighth. The Disneynature feature eased just 25% to $3.6 million. Its total stands at $11.2 million

Divergent fell 36% to gross $3.6 million this weekend. It has $139.5 million in the bank. The top ten finishes up with A Haunted House 2, which collapsed 63% to $3.3 million. Its $14.3 million total isn’t good, but with such a small budget, this will still turn a profit. So, another weekend in the books. A month dominated by Captain America comes to a close and we head into May, a month jam-packed with potential blockbusters. Next week, things get started off with The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The box office is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

P.S. Frozen finally crossed $400 million! It took almost a full half year (seriously, it’s been in theatres since last Thanksgiving), but it got there. And it’s still going strong overseas, particularly in Japan. It’s the movie that just won’t quit.

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