Weekend Wrap Up: “Captain America” Completes the Threepeat

Four new wide releases this weekend made for a crowded box office over the Easter holiday, but our top two films ended up being the same ones from last week. From newcomers that were never expected to challenge for the top spot to outright massive bombs, this wasn’t a particularly riveting weekend. But there is good news: Captain America: The Winter Soldier stayed on top for its third consecutive weekend, and it’s always nice to see genuinely good movies find success.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

File:Captain America The Winter Soldier.jpg

Sliding a solid 36%, Captain Rogers pulled in $26.6 million this weekend. That’s a much better hold than the third week decline of Thor: The Dark World, which dropped over 60%. In fairness, Thor faced direct competition from the juggernaut of Catching Fire while Captain America faced comparatively little competition, and also had the benefit of a holiday weekend. Still, through three weekends, CA:TWS’s total of $201.5 million is more than $30 million ahead of T:TDW at the same point, and that lead will only continue to grow in the weeks to come. I think Cap will end up somewhere in the $250 million range.

Rio 2 dropped a respectable 43% to $22.5 million. Easter Sunday, though it’s a holiday, often takes people away from cinemas. In contrast, Good Friday and Easter Monday are usually very strong movie days. Anyways, Rio 2 has amassed a decent $75.4 million through ten days. It’s already falling behind the pace of its predecessor, and should end up somewhere around $120 million.

Our first newcomer comes in at number three, and it’s probably not the film you’d expect. Then again, given the Easter holiday ad the way Christian movies have cleaned up at the box office this year, maybe it shouldn’t be so surprising. Heaven is for Real opened to a strong $21.5 million and has pulled in $28.5 million since its Wednesday debut. This continues the string of hits for Christian movies. It’s still a bit too early to tell how the word of mouth will be for this one, but finishing in the $60-70 million range wouldn’t be unthinkable.

Bombing horribly in fourth, Transcendence managed a meager $11.2 million. That’s awful for a film with a production budget of $100 million. Furthermore, it’s disappointing that such fascinating concepts were wasted on an apparently awful film. With this opening, a $35 million domestic total is looking the best case scenario here, so I highly doubt even overseas grosses could bail Transcendence out.

A Haunted House 2 opened to about half of its predecessor, but I doubt anyone involved really cares because it’s already tripled its production budget. $9.1 million for an opening isn’t great, but when your movie only cost $3 million to make, its standards of success aren’t the highest. AHH2 might only make $17 or $18 million in total, but it will still be very profitable. Dropping 40%, Draft Day pulled in $5.9 million. It has a total of $19.6 million, which isn’t really terribly good, but I get the impression the people involved with his picture knew it wasn’t likely to be a big success anyway.

Finally posting a good hold, Divergent dipped 22% to $5.8 million. Since its strong debut, the legs on this one haven’t been terrible, but they haven’t really been good either. I don’t know if its $134 million total is really good enough to warrant three sequels (because obviously they have to split the last book into two movies) but Lionsgate/Summit could use a new hit franchise, so they’ll take what they can get. Oculus took a typical horror movie plunge, declining 57% to $5.2 million, lifting its sum to $21.2 million.

Noah finishes in ninth, as even Easter finally allowed this film to stabilize a little. It dropped 34% to gross $5 million and with $93.3 million in the bank, it might be able to just squeak its way over $100 million. God’s Not Dead wrapped up the top ten with a $4.8 million weekend; it was down a slim 13%, giving the sleeper hit a total of $48.3 million. So, another weekend in the books. Next week marches out three new films, though I’d be surprised if any of them cracked $15 million, leaving the door open for The Winter Soldier to pull off the very rare fourth weekend on top. Have a nice Easter/Zombie Jesus Day, everyone. Until we meet again.

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