Weekend Wrap Up: A Threepeat for the “The Lego Movie”

February 2014 belongs to The Lego Movie. For three weekends now, nothing has come even remotely close to it, and it’s not unthinkable it could stay on top next weekend too as well if Non-Stop and Son of God disappoint. Speaking of disappointments, both openers this weekend flopped and offered zero competition for Emmet and the gang to stay on top for the third consecutive weekend.

The Lego Movie

That song is so catchy. I finally got around to seeing TLM this weekend and I really enjoyed it. Much like Frozen, it’s a fun-for-the-whole-family kinda movie, with broad appeal across pretty much all age groups. Even after last weekend’s holiday-inflated gross, TLM still held well, dropping just 37% to $31.5 million. That brings its total to $183.2 million through three weeks. With no competition next weekend for kids and families, TLM should hold well again before probably taking a hit against Mr. Peabody and Sherman. Even still, we’re probably looking at a total gross in the neighborhood of $300 million, and billions of dollars in terms of overseas grosses, sequels and the merchandise.

Of the two disappointing openers, 3 Days to Kill fared slightly better, opening to a $12.3 million gross in second place. That’s about $10 million off the debut of the somewhat similar Taken, and 3DTK isn’t nearly as well received. In third, Pompeii flopped with just over $10 million. With a production budget of $100 million, there’s pretty much no hope for this one.

RoboCop fell a hard 57% to $9.4 million. Its total of $43.6 million isn’t quite disastrous, but it just means that Sony will have to heavily lean on overseas grosses if they’re going to see any kind of profit on this. The Monuments Men dropped 48% and grossed $8.1 million. That brings its decent total to $58 million. Given the delay of its release and its lukewarm critical response, that’s not half bad.

Showing incredible Valentine’s Day frontloading, About Last Night collapsed a huge seventy-one percent. That gave it $7.4 million for the weekend and a sum of $38.2 million. Even with that drop, ALN will still easily be profitable, as the production budget was only $12.5 million. Another Kevin Hart movie, one that’s showing much better legs, Ride Along, dropped 46% and grossed $4.7 million, lifting the total to $123.2 million.

Staying steady in eighth, the unflappable Frozen slid 30% and pulled in $4.4 million. With $384 million in the bank, it might just be able to inch its way over the $400 million barrier. Ninth goes to Endless Love, which unsurprisingly crashed and burned, falling 68% to $4.3 million, giving it a total of $20.1 million. In tenth, like its fellow Valentine’s Day romantic films, Winter’s Tale, fell to pieces. It dropped 71% to $2.1 million. Just $11.2 million for this film that cost $80 million to produce.

Another weekend, another victory for The Lego Movie. It stands a good chance of staying on top next weekend too. I don’t think Son of God will even break $15 million, but Non-Stop could easily debut in the mid $20 million range, which would probably be enough to take down the Legos. We’ll just have to wait and see. Until we meet again.

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