Weekend Wrap Up: “Ride Along” Cruises to a Threepeat

Super Bowl weekend is traditionally one of the slowest weekends of the year. Every now and then, some counter-programming can succeed, but generally, everything takes hard hits on Sunday and rarely does any film gross more than $25 million. Even for such a typically slow weekend, 2014’s Super Bowl weekend has proven especially especially tepid, allowing Ride Along to stay on top for the third consecutive weekend.

Ride Along


Sliding a solid 42% to $12.3 million, Ride Along has now amassed $93 million. That’s a very strong total, and also a good hold, especially considering it probably would’ve fallen something closer to 35% without the Super Bowl interfering. Wait, can I even say “Super Bowl” on this blog, or is the NFL going to sue me? I’ll take my chances. That said, Ride Along will easily blow by $100 million next weekend and could finish around $115 million.

Boosted by the addition of a special sing-along edition, Frozen actually increased 2% over one of the toughest weekends of the year. Its gross bumped from last weekend to $9.3 million. Overall, it lost three theatres, but the sing-along was more than enough to mitigate any drop it might have suffered. Frozen continues its magical run at the box office, with a total now of $360 million. It has just $8 million to go to pass Despicable Me 2, but the opening of The Lego Movie next weekend should be the first real test for Frozen¬†since its opening way back on Thanksgiving. But seriously, can we just take a step back and appreciate how absurd it is that this film came out ten weeks ago, and is number two this weekend? Frozen has transcended being a movie. It’s a phenomenon.

That Awkward Moment debuted in third with a weak $9 million. That’s even lower than Zac Efron’s Charlie St. Cloud. I imagine this one will disappear pretty quickly. Dropping 37%, The Nut Job grossed $7.6 million. Its total of $50.3 million is good but not great. Lone Survivor dropped 45% to $7.2 million; this is the kind of film that’s hit especially hard on Super Bowl weekend. Nonetheless, it has a strong total of $105 million.

Continuing to fail to find any traction, Jack Ryan fell 41% to $5.4 million, which gives it just $40 million in total. Debuting down in seventh, Labor Day opened to a weak $5.3 million. No surprises there. Barring a Best Picture win, American Hustle is on its last legs. Falling 39% to $4.3 million, it has grossed a total of $132.1 million, which inches it past the total of Silver Lings Playbook.

The Wolf of Wall Street dropped 35% to $3.6 million, lifting its total to $104 million. For how long and raunchy of a movie this was, that’s a very respectable total. And in tenth, the utter failure that is I, Frankenstein collapsed 59% to $3.5 million. Just $14.5 million in total for the $65 million dollar picture. So, there you have it. Mostly because of weak competition, Ride Along managed three weekends on top. But The Lego Movie will breathe a lot of new life into the box office next weekend so things will pick back up. With that said, I hope everyone has a nice Sunday. Let’s go Seahawks!

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