Weekend Wrap Up: “Ride Along” Cruises to a Threepeat

Super Bowl weekend is traditionally one of the slowest weekends of the year. Every now and then, some counter-programming can succeed, but generally, everything takes hard hits on Sunday and rarely does any film gross more than $25 million. Even for such a typically slow weekend, 2014’s Super Bowl weekend has proven especially especially tepid, allowing Ride Along to stay on top for the third consecutive weekend.

Ride Along


Sliding a solid 42% to $12.3 million, Ride Along has now amassed $93 million. That’s a very strong total, and also a good hold, especially considering it probably would’ve fallen something closer to 35% without the Super Bowl interfering. Wait, can I even say “Super Bowl” on this blog, or is the NFL going to sue me? I’ll take my chances. That said, Ride Along will easily blow by $100 million next weekend and could finish around $115 million.

Boosted by the addition of a special sing-along edition, Frozen actually increased 2% over one of the toughest weekends of the year. Its gross bumped from last weekend to $9.3 million. Overall, it lost three theatres, but the sing-along was more than enough to mitigate any drop it might have suffered. Frozen continues its magical run at the box office, with a total now of $360 million. It has just $8 million to go to pass Despicable Me 2, but the opening of The Lego Movie next weekend should be the first real test for Frozen since its opening way back on Thanksgiving. But seriously, can we just take a step back and appreciate how absurd it is that this film came out ten weeks ago, and is number two this weekend? Frozen has transcended being a movie. It’s a phenomenon.

That Awkward Moment debuted in third with a weak $9 million. That’s even lower than Zac Efron’s Charlie St. Cloud. I imagine this one will disappear pretty quickly. Dropping 37%, The Nut Job grossed $7.6 million. Its total of $50.3 million is good but not great. Lone Survivor dropped 45% to $7.2 million; this is the kind of film that’s hit especially hard on Super Bowl weekend. Nonetheless, it has a strong total of $105 million.

Continuing to fail to find any traction, Jack Ryan fell 41% to $5.4 million, which gives it just $40 million in total. Debuting down in seventh, Labor Day opened to a weak $5.3 million. No surprises there. Barring a Best Picture win, American Hustle is on its last legs. Falling 39% to $4.3 million, it has grossed a total of $132.1 million, which inches it past the total of Silver Lings Playbook.

The Wolf of Wall Street dropped 35% to $3.6 million, lifting its total to $104 million. For how long and raunchy of a movie this was, that’s a very respectable total. And in tenth, the utter failure that is I, Frankenstein collapsed 59% to $3.5 million. Just $14.5 million in total for the $65 million dollar picture. So, there you have it. Mostly because of weak competition, Ride Along managed three weekends on top. But The Lego Movie will breathe a lot of new life into the box office next weekend so things will pick back up. With that said, I hope everyone has a nice Sunday. Let’s go Seahawks!

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