Weekend Wrap Up: “The Hobbit” Stands Tall Against Ron Burgandy

This weekend, Ron Burgandy and crew were expected to sweep in and take the top spot away from Bilbo and his company of dwarves. That didn’t exactly pan out. Despite its cult status, fans of Anchorman didn’t exactly turn out in droves this weekend, as The Hobbit was able to hold on to the top spot, despite a sizable drop of its own.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

File:The Hobbit - The Desolation of Smaug theatrical poster.jpg

Falling 57%, TH:TDOS pulled in $31.4 million. That brings its total to $127.5 million. The drop is roughly similar to what An Unexpected Journey pulled in last year. However, TDOS is still running about $23 million behind its predecessor’s pace. Judging by its current trajectory, I’d say it should finish around $250 million, which is a strong gross but quite disappointing for a franchise as consistent and potent as Lord of the Rings. Perhaps things will pick back up next year with There and Back Again.

Second places goes to a fairly disappointing debut of $26.8 million for Anchorman: The Legend Continues, and $40 million since its Wednesday debut. That’s actually slightly less than the first Anchorman nine years ago. However, long-term prospects still look fine. Given the upcoming Christmas holiday, many moviegoers may have decided to wait to check this one out. Then again, there will be a lot of competition, so who knows? Even still, I like this one’s chances of surpassing $100 million.

Posting a fantastic hold, Frozen slipped just 15% to $19.2 million. That brings the strong total to $191.6 million. Frozen should do very well over the next two weeks while many people are off from school and work. $250 million is still a very real possibility. Expanding into nationwide release, American Hustle made an impressive $19.1 million. That gives it just over $20 million since opening in limited release last weekend. The word of mouth and reviews are ecstatic for this film, so $100 million can easily be attained.

Another film expanding, Saving Mr. Banks, didn’t have quite as much success. It made $9.3 million and has amassed $10 million to date. This is a solid, if unspectacular debut. You never know if word of mouth will really catch on, though. Falling 36%, Catching Fire pulled in $8.8 million. With $371.7 million in the bank, it’s managed to hold on enough that it’ll benefit a bit from Christmas-time boosts, but I’m actually a bit concerned about its ability to crack $400 million. Time will tell.

A Madea Christmas holds well by Tyler Perry standards, dropping 47%, but it’s likely too little too late. $8.5 million this weekend gives the film a weak total of $28.3 million. Debuting down in seventh is Walking with Dinosaurs, which managed just $7.3 million. And in ninth is a movie I’ve never heard of, Dhoom 3, and this grossed $3.3 million. Opening in just 236 theatres, it had by far the best average in the top ten.

Rounding out the top ten, Thor finally crossed $200 million. Grossing $1.3 million, down 53%, it has amassed $200.1 million. And that does it for our top ten this weekend. The box office is about to get very crowed with five new openers releasing on Christmas Day. So, as always, it should be a very interesting time at the box office. That said, I hope everyone has a nice holiday. Until we meet again.

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