Weekend Wrap Up: “Frozen” Puts the Chill on Red-Hot “Catching Fire”

Last weekend, Catching Fire and Frozen led a potent, record-breaking Thanksgiving box office bonanza. This weekend, those two films still held the top two spots, but they swapped spots after they, and the rest of the top ten as well, took steep tumbles. But that’s just how things usually go the weekend after Thanksgiving, which is traditionally a slow weekend before the Christmas movie season truly gets in full swing.


File:Frozen (2013 film) poster.jpg

After finishing as the runner up last weekend, Frozen rises to the top spot, but still dropped 53%. That may seem a bit steep for a well-liked family feature, but since last weekend was so inflated by the Holiday, and Frozen opened so far above expectations, it’s actually a decent hold. The drop is roughly on par with that of Tangled, so if Frozen continues following a similar trajectory, it could end up around $250-260 million. The Disney flick pulled in $31.6 million this weekend, which put its total at $134.3 million.

Catching Fire stumbled 64% down to $27 million. Again, that seems steep, but last weekend was so massive that it was only natural the film would come down to earth a bit. That said, the Lions Gate picture has amassed $336.7 million and could find its way to about $420 million. Newcomer Out of the Furnace disappointed with a weak $5.3 million debut. Expectations weren’t high to begin with, but that’s still disappointing.

Thor: The Dark World dropped 57% to $4.7 million. Now on his last legs, The Mighty Thor continues his slow march toward $200 million with a $193.6 million total. Delivery Man had one of the better holds in the top ten, dipping 45% to $3.8 million. Still, a total of $24.8 million is disappointing. In sixth, Homefront dropped 51% to $3.4 million. The Jason Statham flick has a total of $15.3 million.

Down 45%, The Book Thief grossed $2.7 million and lifted its total to $12.1 million. The Best Man Holiday had the biggest drop in the top ten, 67%, en route to a $2.7 million weekend, which brought its sum to $67.2 million. As for the last two movies in the top ten, I have no idea what either is even about. Philomena grossed $2.3 million, off 38% and has a total of $8.3 million. Dallas Buyer’s Club dropped 42% to $1.5 million, giving it $12.4 million after six weeks.

After the box office feast of Thanksgiving weekend, this weekend is, year after year, usually a return more mundane numbers. But things will pick back up in a major way on Friday when The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug hits theatres. And we’ll also have A Madea Christmas, which should be good for at least a $20 million opening. I’ll see you guys next weekend. Until we meet again.

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