Weekend Wrap Up: Gravity Threepeats

For the first time in 2013, a film has stayed on top for three consecutive weekends. In this day age of big openers and fast fallers, finishing atop the box office world for three straight weeks is a definite accomplishment. And if you’ve been paying any attention, the film that accomplished this feat won’t be any surprise. Despite three new wide releases, Gravity comfortably led the way yet again.



If you haven’t already, check out our latest movie show where we give our thoughts on Gravity and its (to us) totally inexplicable success. That said, the smash hit held extraordinarily well again, slipping just 28% to $31 million. With a total of $171 million, Gravity is looking likely to hit $250 million and maybe as much as $275 million. Again, this baffles me. The film had kinda cool visuals. That. Was. It. I cannot wrap my head around why this film is such a success, and why everyone seems to love it so much. But, anyway, I had my rant already in our movie show, so I’ll stop myself before I go into it again.

Second place goes to another successful adult thriller, Captain Phillips, which dipped just 33% to $17.3 million. Captain Phillips was a solid, though not great film, but it was significantly better than Gravity. Anyway, the Tom Hanks picture has amassed $53 million to date and looks to be in decent shape for crossing $100 million.

In third, we get our first opener, Carrie, yet another film adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel. The critical consensus seems to say “it’s not bad, but why do we need it?” Looking at the trailers, I can see where that sentiment comes from. Little differentiates it from the 70s version, apart from the modern setting and that Carrie’s rampage seems more destructive, which isn’t surprising seeing how far special effects have come.

Anyway….the lone October horror release pulled in a solid $17 million. Nothing spectacular, but definitely not a flop. The budget was only $30 million so even if the legs aren’t great, and they very likely won’t be, Carrie should be just fine. Dukemich doesn’t want to see this and I do, so even though reviews are usually his thing, I’ll be sure to write one up and post it.

Fourth goes to Cloudy 2, which dropped 27% to $10.1 million. The holds have been pretty solid for this film, as it has now grossed $93 million and should find its way to about $110-115 million, which wouldn’t be far off the original. Escape Plan flopped, though relative to the low expectations, it’s not a total disaster. The Stallone-Schwarzenegger combo grossed $9.8 million.

Prisoners stayed steady in sixth place, falling 43% to $2.1 million. There’s now $57.3 million in the bank for this great movie. Please, if you’re in the mood for a true, dark, cerebral, adult film, see Prisoners. Don’t go see Gravity. It’s an absolute tragedy that the entire gross of Prisoners will barely surpass the opening weekend of Gravity.

Enough Said rises four spots into seventh place, by virtue of a small drop and several other films experiencing larger falls. It was down just 6%, grossed $1.8 million and has a total of $10.8 million. The Fifth Estate flops horribly, pulling in just $1.7 million. Don’t worry, Benedict Cumberbatch, even the best actors have their misfires now and then. We still love you.

Runner Runner dropped 57% to $1.6 million for a total of $17.5 million. It’s a flop. What more is there to say? Horror hit Insidious Chapter 2 wraps up the top ten, grossing $1.5 million, off 44%. A total of just under $81 million is very strong. Looking forward, it’s not at all unthinkable Gravity could stay on top for a fourth straight week. The Counselor seems unlikely to break $20 million, so our hopes lie with Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa. I can only hope Johnny Knoxville comes through and knocks the most overrated film of the year, Gravity, out of the top spot. Until we meet again.

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