Weekend Wrap Up: ‘Prisoners’ Captures America’s Attention

After the impressive debut of Insidious Chapter 2 last weekend, it was all but unanimously agreed that the sequel would collapse this weekend, leaving a void at the top of the charts, and also leaving the door open for newcomer Prisoners to take the top spot. In the end, the competition wasn’t even close, as Prisoners easily led the way this weekend with a very solid opening.



Debuting to a very solid $21.4 million, Prisoners could potentially have a good run ahead of it. It has good reviews (79% at Rotten Tomatoes) and September is a good time of year for adult-oriented dramas. Its opening is a few million above expectations and it held well throughout the weekend. Its three day total was about triple its Friday figure; as a basis for comparison, Insidious Chapter 2 could barely double its Friday numbers over the whole weekend. $100 million will be quite tough, though not impossible. However, the expansion of Rush next weekend could result in competition for adult audiences, so we’ll just have to see how that plays out.

Insidious Chapter 2 fell 64%, though honestly that’s actually not that bad. For how huge its debut was, especially for a horror movie, it wouldn’t have surprised me to see it crumble more than 70%. Anyway, $14.5 million this weekend (which is still more than the original Insidious made in its opening weekend) gives it a running total $60.9 million. I’m thinking it should finish around $80-85 million and we can’t ignore the possibility it might be out on DVD in time for this Halloween.

Dropping 50%, The Family pulled in an even $7 million, bringing its gross to $25.6 million. Against a budget of $30 million, the studio actually won’t lose too much money on this one. Mystery film Instructions Not Included (I still have not experienced a single advertisement for this movie and remain clueless as to what it is) actually moves up two spots to fourth, increasing 17% to $5.7 million. $34.3 million for one of the most baffling successes I’ve ever witnessed.

Battle of the Year opened in fifth with $5 million. Maybe this will finally be the nail in the coffin for dance movies. But the budget was only $20 million, so losses won’t be overwhelming here. Sixth and seventh go to long-time stablemates We’re the Millers and The Butler, although the Jennifer Aniston comedy actually moved in front of the Forest Whitaker drama by way of a smaller drop. We’re the Millers slid just 14% to $4.7 million for a total of $138.2 million, while The Butler dropped 22% to $4.3 million, lifting its sum to $106.5 million.

Eighth goes to Riddick, which continues its quick journey out of the top ten. Down 46%, Riddick pulled in $3.7 million, for a total of $37.2 million. And, apparently, The Wizard of Oz was released in a a few hundred IMAX/3D theatres this weekend and managed to crack the top ten with just over $3 million. That gives it a venue average of $9,503, highest in the top ten and nearly $3000 more dollars than Prisoners.

Finally, after seven weeks, we can bid adieu to Planes. The cash-grab from Disney fell just 8%, grossed $2.9 million and brought its total to $86.5 million. This weekend was fairly solid as far as September weekends go, led by Prisoners. The month figures to go out with a bang next weekend, with Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 standing a serious chance at claiming the opening weekend record for September. I’m looking forward to seeing if it can. Until we meet again.

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