Weekend Wrap Up: Insidious Scares Up a Huge Gross

Supernatural thrillers are doing better than ever, and we have James Wan to thank. He already had a hit this year with The Conjuring and now his second horror film of the year Insidious Chapter 2 has joined the incredibly rare list of horror movies to debut over $40 million. It’s rare that a single director can almost single-handedly rejuvenate a genre like this, but Wan has a real talent for fright.

Insidious Chapter 2

File:Insidious – Chapter 2 Poster.jpg

The second entry in the presumed Insidious trilogy opened to a massive $41.1 million. That’s a few hundred thousand off the debut of The Conjuring, but it’s also more than triple the debut of the first Insidious flick. Sequels often open higher than their predecessors, but this kind of improvement is extraordinary. However, it’s highly unlikely Insidious has anywhere near the good legs of The Conjuring. Insidious opened on a Friday the 13th, which comprised almost half of its whole weekend gross. So I expect big drops in the weeks ahead. $100 million is possible, but I think a final gross around $90 million is more likely.

Second place went to fellow newcomer The Family, which opened to a solid $14.5 million. Given how awful and generic it looked, that’s not a bad result. Plus, the budget was only $30 million, so The Family might end up being all right. Last week’s champ, Riddick, collapsed 63% to just over $7 million. That brings its total gross to $31.3 million. It has a relatively modest budget of $38 million, so it just might end up okay when foreign grosses are added in.

Leggy hit The Butler keeps right on going, slipping 34% to $5.6 million. It crossed the $100 million barrier this weekend and could end up with as much as $125 million. We’re the Millers has practically been joined at the hip with The Butler for over a month, as both are August releases with great stamina. The comedy dropped 30% to $5.4 million and lifted the total to $131.6 million.

Three weekends in the top ten and I still have absolutely no idea whatsoever what Instructions Not Included is. It could be a romantic comedy, it could be an existential treatise on capitalism, it could be a dumb action flick, maybe a fish out of water story–the point is, I have no clue. That said, it grossed $4.3 million, dropped 48% and has amassed $26.6 million so far.

The six week old Planes fell 26% to $3.1 million and has a running total of $83 million. One Direction actually stabilized a bit after last weekend’s enormous drop. This time, the concert flick dropped 41%, grossed $2.4 million and lifted its total to $26.9 million. Elysium, down 35%, pulled in $2.1 million and brought its sum to $88.4 million.

You know the box office has been weak and sparse lately when Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters stays in the top ten for six weeks. That said, Percy Jackson pulled in $1.8 million after a drop of 25%. $62 million in total. And that does it for this week. Insidious Chapter 2 came very close to the September opening weekend record, but fell a bit short. Even still, it was only the second movie to ever break $40 million in September and will likely spend a second weekend on top against the weak competition of Battle of the Year and Prisoners. Until we meet again.

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