Weekend Wrap Up: “2 Guns” Shoot up the Competition

Unless Elysium somehow proves to be a blockbuster next weekend, it’s looking like we have officially left the big money-makers and blockbusters behind. It happens almost every year as we turn to August. That certainly doesn’t mean films can’t be successful, but the gaudy numbers of the last few months are a thing of the past. Our number one film this weekend had a solid debut, but that was pretty much it as far as success went at the box office this weekend.

2 Guns

Marky Mark and Coach Boone used their charisma to power 2 Guns to a $27.4 million debut. That’s not exactly setting the box office world on fire, but it’s a solid gross right in line with expectations. This is down quite a bit from Safe House, although I still don’t understand why that movie opened so well. That said, 2 Guns will be fine when all is said and done and could find its way to a total gross in the neighborhood of $75 million.

After its disappointing opening, the bad news continues for The Wolverine. It dropped 59% to $21.7 million. $95 million in the bank so far for Logan. Now, this isn’t exactly a complete disaster, since the budget wasn’t out of control for this film. And it should do very well overseas, especially considering its foreign setting. Let’s just hope Days of Future Past can find some more success next year.

Sometimes, terrible movies succeed and it makes me lose my faith in humanity (just look at both Grown Ups films). But every now and then, humans actually say “no!” to obviously terrible movies. Thus we have The Smurfs 2 opening to just $18.2 million, barely more than half the debut of the first film. In fairness, The Smurfs opened on a Friday and the sequel opened on a Wednesday. But even still, in five days, TS2 managed just $27.8 million, which is still far less than the $35 million TS grossed in just three days. TS2 might end up around $70 million

Fourth goes to The Conjuring, which continued its good legs (it feels so odd to use that term about a horror movie) and fell 39%. $13.7 million more this weekend brought the grand total to $108.6 million. It’s extremely rare for a horror film to surpass $100 million and The Conjuring still has plenty of gas in the tank. It could finish around $135 million.

Despicable Me 2 was down 37% and grossed $10.4 million. Gru and the minions have pulled in a huge $326.7 million, becoming by far the second highest grossing film of the year. DM2 could finish as high as $350 million. Grown Ups 2 grossed $8.1 million, down 30%, and has a total of $116.4 million. Turbo was apparently hit hard by The Smurfs 2, as it dropped 53% to $6.4 million. A $69.5 million total against a budget of $135 million just isn’t good, no matter how you spin it.

Down 40%, Red 2 grossed $5.7 million. A $45.2 million total is rather disappointing. The Heat fell 32% and pulled in $4.7 million. I guess general audiences really liked this picture and I was the odd man out for thinking the trailer was quite unfunny, as the film has a total gross of $149.7 million. Pacific Rim dropped 41% $4.6 million, bringing the sum to $93 million, which is only about half its budget. That wraps it up for the top ten this weekend. No big surprises or breakouts.

Next weekend, things should at least be more interesting, as we get four new wide releases, two of which are opening on Wednesday, a move I normally would advise against, but considering how crowded next weekend will be, it’s probably not a bad idea to get a jumpstart. Elysium is (or at least should be) the obvious number one choice next weekend, but we’ll see what happens. Until we meet again.

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