Weekend Wrap Up: The Warrens Conjure Up a Frightening Total

Just six weeks after The Purge took us all by surprise with a potent debut, this weekend we got another horror film which managed to blow past expectations, particularly my own. Horror ruled the box office, as the three other wide releases this weekend all failed to impress on various levels.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring opened to an absolutely stunning $41 million, which is more than I predicted it would make in its entire run. That sets a new benchmark for all horror films, and handily beats the opening weekend of The Devil Inside. For a horror film, especially one not based on a popular franchise, to debut to these kinds of numbers is amazing. What sets The Conjuring apart from films like The Devil Inside and The Purge, though, is that people genuinely seemed to like this film. And that could mean some decent legs going forward. Or, at least, decent legs by horror movie standards. $100 million is far from unthinkable, and considering The Conjuring was legitimately quite creepy, I don’t mind seeing it do well at all.

The number two spot doesn’t go to any of the other openers this weekend, but rather the three weekend old Despicable Me 2, which was down 43%. $25.1 million this weekend brought the total to $276 million. A total around $315 million is looking likely. While DM2 was a smash hit for animated films, Turbo….wasn’t. $21.5 million this weekend and a $31 million total since its inexplicable Wednesday debut really isn’t anything special, but the news will only get worse for Ryan Reynolds further down the top ten.

Grown Ups 2 dropped 52% to $20 million. Running total of $79.5 million. Disappointing a bit in fifth, Red 2 opened to $18.5 million, or about $3 million below the opening of the first film. Maybe the marketplace was too crowded, or maybe people just thought, “how the hell did the first movie warrant a sequel?” Well, we can officially call Pacific Rim a sizable disappointment now and calling it a flop would probably be justified. Down 57%, it pulled in just under $16 million for a grand total of $68 million. After a somewhat underwhelming debut, it’s clear that good legs will not save this one. It now needs to lean even more heavily on overseas grosses.

R.I.P.D. opened to a weak $12.8 million but considering it looked awful, I guess that’s not too surprising. Poor Ryan Reynolds. I’d still like to see him in just one well-received blockbuster. Anyway, The Heat fell 33% to $9.3 million, and now has $129 million in the bank. World War Z pulled in $5.2 million this weekend, down 44%, lifting its impressive total to $186 million. It should finish just shy of $200 million.

Wrapping up the top ten, Monsters University dropped 53% and grossed $5 million. It now has a total of $249 million. It should have enough left in the tank to inch past the $255 million total of the original film. Well, that about does it. Another weekend, another surprise break out hit. Next weekend brings only one new wide release (although The Way, Way Back expands into wide release) in what will more than likely be summer’s last big tentpole release, The Wolverine. Reviews are decent so far, and I still love Hugh Jackman in the lead role. We’ll see if the good will of First Class can help Logan out next weekend. Until we meet again.

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