Weekend Wrap Up: Monsters Survive the Heat

This weekend continued a fairly crowded June, with two potentially strong newcomers hitting theatres. Would the hot streak for Melissa McCarthy continue? Would audiences ignore the fact that an identical movie came out mere months ago and turn out for White House Down? Well, one of those two things came true, but in the end, the monsters ruled the box office once again.

Monsters University

Holding well and dropping 44%, Monsters University pulled in $46.2 million this weekend. That brings the total up to $171 million. MU held noticeably better than Brave (49%) and Cars 2 (60%), despite opening a good bit higher. So that’s very good news. However, the bad news is that direct competitor Despicable Me 2 comes to town next weekend. Nonetheless, MU has a great shot at around $260 million, or right around the total of Monsters, Inc.

Debuting with strong numbers in second place, The Heat grossed $40 million. That represents a jump of a few million dollars over Identity Thief and adds further proof that female-driven comedies can actually do quite well. As I said in my June preview, I thought this film looked painfully unfunny, but I figured audiences would respond well anyway. Given this opening and the lack of direct competition ahead, we could easily be looking at a gross around $120 million in total.

World War Z dropped 55%, which honestly isn’t too bad. With its unexpectedly huge opening, I would’ve expected a drop in the 60s. $29.8 million for the zombie flick and the total is now at $123 million. It should end around $160 million stateside, so it’ll still need very strong overseas grosses to turn a profit on its bloated budget.

With a disappointing debut in fourth, White House Down opened with $25.7 million. That’s a few million less than what Olympus Has Fallen pulled in a few months ago. Considering WHD had greater star power and a bigger budget, this is definitely disappointing. But, well, this is what happens when you try to have two movies with the exact same premise released mere months apart. This ends the hot streak for Channing Tatum, but he should bounce back with 22 Jump Street (yes, that’s actually the title).

Fifth goes to Man of Steel, which was down 50%. That’s a bit of a stabilization after last weekend, but still not quite good enough. MOS made $20.8 million and lifted the total to $249 million. Looking at that total, I honestly don’t think this is even going to hit $300 million. Opening above $100 million and failing to hit $300 million is just, well, sad. Warner Bros. still has their work cut out for them if they want to make a Justice League movie happen.

Slipping 35%, This is the End pulled in $8.7 million. A $74.7 million total is solid for the moderately budgeted comedy. Surprise hit Now You See Me crossed $100 million by way of a $5.5 million weekend. It was down 30%. Fast and Furious 6 dropped 51% to $2.4 million, bringing the sum to $233 million.

The disappointing Star Trek Into Darkness (in terms of box office, not quality) fell 36% and grossed $2.04 million. $220 million is good, but definitely a far cry from many predictions that figured this would be a $300 million picture. Somehow managing a fourth weekend in the top ten, The Internship was down 58%, grossed $1.5 million. The weak total stands at $41.7 million.

This ended up being another strong weekend at the box office, despite the slightly underwhelming numbers of White House Down. Next weekend looks like it will continue the torrid pace of the last few months with two potentially strong openers over the Independence Day weekend: The Lone Ranger and Despicable Me 2. Should be a fun one to analyze. As always, I’ll be back next Sunday. Until we meet again.

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