Star Trek turns darkness into light

Benedict Cumberbatch helps power Star Trek’s second installment into warp speed.

The 2013 movie season has been pretty dull and with the exception of a few films I was starving for the month of May. Finally, May 3 arrived along with the start of the summer movie season. My friends and I went to the movie theater to see Iron Man 3, which should have been a great start to a jam-packed movie month. However, Iron Man 3‘s disappointing ending made it difficult to finish my Bunch-A-Crunch.

After skipping The Great Gatsby, the fate of the month of May rested on the shoulders of Star Trek: Into Darkness and it didn’t disappoint. Finally, a movie lived up to its expectation in 2013.

My father and sister are the real Star Trek fans, but I watched enough of it to realize that something great has been created here. The creation of an alternate reality has opened up a new realm of possibilities to a franchise that was dead. With a great cast of characters, they created a base formula with the first film that is faithful to the original series.

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban lead a spectacular cast that truly reminds you of the original characters. Chris Pine is an emerging star and I think he’s fantastic as an actor (And wow are his eyes dreamy). He plays a great Kirk and performed well alongside the great Denzel Washington in Unstoppable.

I’ve loved Karl Urban since Lord of the Rings (In Return of the King, he takes down two of those elephants at once, which none of the other main characters were able to manage). Portraying Dr. McCoy has allowed Urban to show his versatility as an actor. He can now be seen as an all-around actor after branching out from his similar roles in Lord of the Rings and The Bourne Supremacy.

I was quite skeptical about the choice of Zachary Quinto playing Spock at first, but after seeing the first film I feel as though there wasn’t a better choice to follow up the great Leonard Nimoy. Despite Sheldon’s dismay of being sent the wrong Spock in The Big Bang Theory, Quinto captures the character’s unique personality.

With the great cast and unlimited possibilities created by the first film, Star Trek: Into Darkness was set to soar.

Plain and simple, I loved it.

The second installment didn’t miss a beat from the first film and built from it, similar to how The Dark Knight built off Batman Begins. Instead of the poor quality of a money-making sequel we usually see, Star Trek increased the quality and left me excited for what else this reboot franchise can muster.

Benedict Cumberbatch (Sherlock) was an excellent addition to the already loaded cast. He plays the part of Khan to perfection. I don’t care if he didn’t have the same skin tone as Khan from the original series. He had the same wit and brute strength that made him a mysterious and terrifying character. Despite his evil undertone, I loved Cumberbatch’s portrayal of Khan. I thought he was awesome, which brings me to my next point.

I thought the editing of the combat scenes were remarkable. When Cumberbatch punched someone, you felt it. The movie gave him a raw power that was spectacular to watch. Upon entering a Star Trek film, you don’t think you’ll see some great hand-to-hand combat scenes. Star Trek: Into Darkness not only added those scenes, they made them incredibly entertaining.

The criticism I have is that you, America, have not packed into theaters to see this movie. It’s the perfect movie to actually go out and see on the big screen. It’s an action-adventure movie with great special effects and a quality plot. It was also much better than the belabored Iron Man 3. Why not go see the continuing growth of a solid franchise over a dying franchise whose quality gets worse as sequels continue to be made? Food for thought.

THE BOTTOM LINE: Star Trek: Into Darkness nailed it and is easily the best of 2013 so far.

I’ll give Star Trek: Into Darkness 5 out of 5 cups.

Cup of JoeCup of JoeCup of JoeCup of JoeCup of Joe

As of May 30, Star Trek: Into Darkness made a domestic total of approximately $165 million versus a production budget of $190 million, according to Box Office Mojo.

Star Trek: Into Darkness has a rating of 87% at Rotten Tomatoes while users at the Internet Movie Database gave it 8.3 out of 10 stars.

To see the movie trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness, click here.

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