Weekend Wrap Up: “Jack” Slays the Competition

The 2013 box office has been pretty soft this year, and even the arrival of March couldn’t do much to help that. Nonetheless, things picked up this weekend, but not enough to even come close to 2012 when The Lorax opened and blew away expectations. Plus, the Oscars are now thankfully finally behind us, and only one major winner remains in the top ten.

Jack the Giant Slayer

Nicholas Hoult and Ewan McGregor led Jack the Giant Slayer to the top spot with a $28 million debut. This is slightly below the $30 million John Carter pulled in around this time last. Although the budget on Jack isn’t quite as astronomically high as that of John, there’s still a long road to profitability for this one. However, the good news here is that Jack had a huge increase on Saturday, which seems to indicate that families and kids are the primary audience here, and that also means we might be looking at some solid legs going forward. Even still, $100 million stateside would be very impressive.

Dropping just 31%, the good legs for Identity Thief continued, as it becomes the first 2013 film to surpass $100 million with $107.4 million now after a $9.7 million weekend. Third place saw the debut of 21 and Over, which is no Project X. The movie starring that one random kid from Twilight debuted to just $9 million. Even still, the budget is only $13 million, so there may yet be a profit.

In third, The Last Exorcism Part II opened with just over $8 million. This is well less than half of its predecessor’s debut. Given how awful the legs are on these pictures, I doubt Part II’s total gross will even match the opening weekend of the first part. But the budget was only $5 million, so I doubt anyone involved here is too disappointed.

Snitch fell a not bad 42% to $7.7 million. A $24.4 million total isn’t too shabby. Safe Haven continues to hold better than I would expect of a Nicholas Sparks film, as it dropped 40% this weekend. $6.3 million this weekend lifts its total to a solid $57.1 million. Speaking of bad movies with decent legs, Escape From Planet Earth dropped 41% to $6.3 million, lifting its gross up to $43 million.

After Jennifer Lawrence took home Best Actress last weekend, Silver Linings Playbook actually increased this weekend, despite losing almost 200 theatres. It was up about 3% to $5.9 million. Its $115 million total blows me away, as I never would’ve expected that as little as a month ago. If it continues to have legs like this, then a final gross somewhere in the range of $135 million is certainly possible.

A Good Day to Die Hard continued to crumble, dropping 58% to $4.5 million. With just under $60 million, it isn’t even going to match the $83 million gross of the original Die Hard. And considering we’ve had over two decades of ticket price inflation since then, that’s just sad. But anyway, Dark Skies managed to stick around in the top ten, dropping 57% to $3.6 million, bringing its total to $13.45 million.

As silly as I think it looks, and as much it reminds me of the nightmare-inducing Alice in Wonderland, I really do think the box office needs Oz: The Great and Powerful right now. And it needs to be big too. There’s no chance it comes anywhere close to Alice, but I guess we’ll just have to see what happens next weekend. I’ll stick with the prediction I made in my March preview of a $52 million opening weekend. And, yeah, let’s say like $6 million for Dead Man Down. Until we meet again.

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