Weekend Wrap Up: Warm Bodies Breathes Life into Box Office

Super Bowl weekend is always a tricky time at the box office, and it’s not surprising to see studios either avoid the weekend all together or try counter-programming (see the huge success of the Hannah Montana concert movie), but for the most part it’s a down week at the box office. This weekend saw three newcomers try their luck, and only one succeeded.

Warm Bodies


Opening at number one with a strong $19.5 million, Warm Bodies wins the Super Bowl frame. The studio is predicting about a 67% drop on Sunday, which is pretty standard for this weekend, but since this a romance (albeit with a very clever spin) flick, I wouldn’t be surprised if it held a bit better when actuals come out on Monday. I really like the concept of this movie and I’m happy to see it did well.

Last weekend’s champ, Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, dropped to number two and pulled in $9.2 million after a decline of 53%. Honestly, that drop isn’t terrible, especially on Super Bowl weekend. $34.5 million in the bank so far isn’t a complete disaster, but this one will still need overseas grosses to turn a profit.

Sliding just 14% is Silver Linings Playbook. I’m thrilled this great film has finally gained some real traction with audiences. Without the Super Bowl, it’s entirely possible it could have increased this weekend. The word of mouth is catching fire for the Jennifer Lawrence film (see what I did there?). $8.1 million this weekend lifted its total to a great $80.4 million. This one shouldn’t have any problem getting past $100 million and could get a nice Oscar boost as well.

Fourth goes to Mama, down 49% to $6.7 million. For a horror movie, its drops really haven’t too bad and it still remains 2013’s highest grossing film by a comfortable margin with a current $58.3 million gross. The other Jessica Chastain film in the top, Zero Dark Thirty, continues to fall unexpectedly large amounts. It dropped 45% this weekend, which is barely better than Mama. $5.3 million this weekend lifted its total to $77.8 million and short of a Best Picture win, I doubt this will reach $100 million. I’m frankly a little stumped as to why Zero Dark Thirty has failed to gain much traction.

Bullet to the Head fared so miserably it couldn’t even come close to the opening weekends of either The Last Stand or Parker. That is HORRIBLE. Just a $4.5 million gross for this one and it should be well out of the top ten by next weekend. Speaking of those failures, Parker dropped 54% to $3.1 million. Statham has only made $12.4 million with this one.

Django Unchained (the D is silent) eased 39% down to just over $3 million for a grand total just under $151 million. Finishing just behind is its Christmas Day stablemate (it’s pretty impressive that both these films remain in the top ten well more than a month after their releases) Les Miserables. Dropping 42%, the musical pulled in $2.4 million. It’s about $10 million behind Django (the D is silent; and, for the record, I really do feel the need to type that every single time because people somehow still continue to make the mistake of mispronouncing it “Duh-jango,” even if they saw the film!) with $141.5 million.

Perhaps not too surprisingly, Lincoln re-enters the top ten. It’s not like its 38% hold was great. It’s just that the competition was weak, and Movie 43 tumbled way outside of the top ten. $2.4 million more for Honest Abe lifts the gross to about $171 million. A Best Picture win could get this one beyond $200 million.

Stand Up Guys opened way down in 17th place, unable to even beat the fourth weekend of A Haunted House. In fairness, though, it only opened in 659 theatres, so its per theatre average was higher than Bullet to the Head. But, anyway, just $1.5 million for this one.

I’m thinking the actual numbers for a lot of these movies could change, since the Super Bowl weekend is always difficult to predict. This weekend was down quite a lot from last year when both Chronicle and The Woman in Black opened over $20 million. Anyway, next weekend, things get back to normal and we get the following newcomers.

Side Effects: I’ll be honest, I don’t really “get” this movie. It just looks strange to me. I’m guessing maybe a $7 million debut?

Identify Thief: Jason Bateman is again playing pretty much the exact same player he always plays….which is pretty much just himself. But, hey, it works. And this time he’s bringing Melissa McCarthy along for the ride. The advertising seems enough funny moments to sell the movie. It won’t reach Horrible Bosses level, but a debut around $20 million seems reasonable. Adios, everybody.

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