Weekend Wrap Up: Newcomers Bow to the Hobbit

Last weekend saw a fairly weak slate of openers, but competition was much tighter this weekend as Hollywood put out a few movies that apparently people actually wanted to see. Even still, The Hobbit was able to hold off the challengers and top the charts for its third consecutive weekend.

The Hobbit

Easing just 11%, The Hobbit pulled in $33 million this weekend. After last week’s alarmingly large drop, this is very good news. To be fair, every film held well this weekend (most actually increased), but the Middle-Earth (the name of which actually makes sense to me now that I looked it up and found out Middle-Earth is merely one of several continents on Earth in Tolkein’s world. And now you know) film is still making more money than anything else, and the more money you’re making, the harder it is to post good holds.

The Hobbit stands at $223 million in total after this weekend and I’m liking its chances at $300 million a hell of a lot better now. And, honestly, looking at upcoming releases, I’m thinking The Hobbit could very well take the number one spot until January 11, giving it five whole weekends at number one. No film has done that since Avatar.

Quentin Tarantino’s fanbase is officially without a doubt one of the most passionate of any director. They helped power Django Unchained (The “D” is silent) to a second place finish with an amazing $31 million. Bear in mind this is an R-rated, gory film released during a time of year that favors family films and light-hearted fare. Sure, its weekend proper fell short of the $38 million of Inglourious Basterds, but Django opened on a Tuesday, so its first six days are well ahead of Basterds. Django has just over $64 million to date and will have no problem getting well past $100 million.

There sure was a lot of hype for Les Miserables, but when thinking about it realistically, it really is kind of a tough sell. Musicals, historically, have never done particularly well. And I mean straight up musicals. Not mostly standard movies with songs thrown in, like most older Disney movies or, hell, even South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. Despite that, Les Miserables pulled in a potent $28 million over the weekend and $68 million since its Tuesday debut. Like Django, $100 million is a foregone conclusion, though we’ll only start to get an idea of these films’ trajectories after next weekend.

Third place, shockingly, goes to Parental Guidance, the critically reviled (17% at Rotten Tomatoes) generic paint-by-numbers family film. I guess this shouldn’t surprise to much since it really was the only go-to family option in a time of year that leans toward movies like that. Anyway, it made $14.8 million and has made a bit under $30 million in total.

Jack Reacher fell 10%, which is a bit worrying, since almost everything else in the top ten increased (yes, even The Guilt Trip). Nonetheless, a $14 million second weekend and a total of $45 million isn’t bad. This is 40 shot upward 14%, pulling in $13.2 million. Its already surpassed its modest budget of $35 million with $37 million in total now, so this will end up being just fine, even if won’t come close to Knocked Up.

Seventh place goes to Lincoln, which increased a stunning 36%. Yes, it went up 36%. And it lost 300 theatres. I guess many of the people who had missed out on this one finally decided to check it out now that they had the time. Anywho, the Spielberg flick grossed $7.5 million and raised its total to a fantastic $132 million.

Perhaps even more impressive than the 36% increase of Lincoln is the fact that the Guilt Trip increased an inexplicable 24%. I….have no answer for this. The Seth Rogen picture pulled in $6.7 million and with this increase may have avoided complete catastrophe. But still, it only has $21 million in the bank.

Monsters Inc. increased 33% to 6.4 million, but that actually makes sense, as it’s a family film. The disappointing $18.5 million this has pulled in really might make Disney think twice about future 3-D rehashes. Another animated family film rounds out the top ten, as Rise of the Guardians dropped 17%, a steep drop on a weekend like this, but bear in mind it lost almost a third of its theatres. $4.9 million lifted its disappointing total to $90 million.

It’s not often that you see holds across the board like this. Rarely do I use terms like “increased” and “shot upward” to describe the behavior of movies, but such is the holiday season. After last weekend disappointed, things rebounded in a big way this weekend, thanks to three strong debuts. I imagine the top four–hell, maybe the whole top ten–could stay exactly the same next weekend as we get absolutely no new openers. So, with that, I bid adieu to 2012. Happy New Year, everyone.

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  1. segmation says:

    I don’t think all paint by numbers is bad. Sorry!

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