Weekend Wrap Up: Setting New Lows

It’s weekends like this that it takes considerable effort to even muster up the will to analyze the box office. Sure, weekends like the opening of The Avengers or the incredible run of Avatar balance it out in the end, but still, this weekend was notable for all the wrong reasons.

The Possession


Winning” the weekend twice now is horror flick The Possession, which held far better than I thought, but still fell 46% to 9.5 million. If it had held a little better, maybe this could have avoided becoming the first weekend since 2008 (when Bangkok Dangerous premiered) in which a single release didn’t manage double digit millions. Nonetheless, The Possession has scared up a decent 33.3 million so far, so this will end as a profitable success.

Second place again goes to Lawless, which had the second best decline in the top twelve, falling 40% to just over six million. Its 23.5 million total certainly isn’t catastrophic by any means, but I don’t understand why the advertising didn’t play up Tom Hardy’s role more. He’s officially a household name now and couldn’t be any hotter coming off The Dark Knight Rises.

In third, we have the better of the two wide openers in The Words, which audiences met with a big, fat “meh.” Just 5 million for the Bradley Cooper flick and he can just add this to his list of films to forget about, like All About Steve and the recent Hit and Run. Falling 47% to 4.75 million is The Expendables 2. Its gross of 75 million is good, but well off its predecessor through the same point.

Pulling in four million, off 45%, is The Bourne Legacy. With 103 million in the bank, it should end up somewhere around 115, which should be just enough to greenlight a sequel, but let’s just hope it’s of better quality. ParaNorman dropped 42% to 3.8 million. 45 million for the Coraline spiritual successor is decent, but I think the studio had to be hoping for more.

With a solid 43 million now, The Odd Life of Timothy Green has turned into one of the few bright spots of the late summer/early autumn box office. Down 42%, it grossed 3.7 million this weekend. In eight, and showing the best hold of the top ten, is The Campaign, which slipped 38% 3.5 million. Its 79 million gross to date is extremely solid. The Dark Knight Rises dropped 46% to 3.3 million. A little shy of 438 million now, it should have just enough left in the tank to surpass Shrek 2 for the number 7 spot on the all time domestic list.

Not crashing nearly as badly as I would’ve liked, 2016 Obama’s America actually held pretty well, sliding 42% to 3.3 million. Its 26 million total gives it the number six spot among all documentaries, though frankly it’s a little ridiculous to consider this an actual documentary.

In eleventh and twelfth, we have Hope Springs and Premium Rush. The Tommy Lee Jones flick dropped 40% to 2.8 million, lifting its very respectable total to 58 million, while the Joseph Gordon-Levitt film declined 42% to 2.3 million, putting its very disappointing total at just 16.7 million.

Now, if even the third weekend of Premium Rush beats your film’s opening weekend, you’ve really got a stinker on your hands. The Cold Light of Day ranked thirteenth and pulled in just 1.8 million. Raiders of the Lost Ark, though debuting in less than a fifth as many theatres (albeit, more expensive IMAX theatres) wasn’t far behind at all with 1.75 million. Let’s…. just forget about this one. Thankfully, the box office does look to pick up next weekend, though exactly how much is hard to guess.

Finding Nemo (3-D): Instead of making more quality films, Disney seems content to milk its previous successes. That said, Finding Nemo is a wonderfully enchanting film, but I wouldn’t pay the extra charge to see some tacked-on 3-D. Opening on this weekend last year, The Lion King 3-D did extremely well, pulling 30 million. I don’t think Nemo and company will quite reach those heights, but a debut around 20 million seems reasonable.

Resident Evil Retribution: The box office will certainly be more interesting next weekend, as we could have a legitimate battle between two solid openers for the top spot. The last Resident Evil movie opened to 26 million two years ago and most entries in this franchise have opened around roughly the same mark, so I’m predicting this to win the weekend with about 22 million. With that, I’m out. And let’s all hope these two films help pick up the box office next weekend.

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