I’m Joe!

Hey, I’m Joe Baress and I love sports and movies so I figured, why not create a blog where I discuss both? I’m a senior at the University of Scranton and I will start my final semester Jan. 30. I’m a journalism major striving to obtain a job in the field of sports journalism. I’m the sports editor for The University’s newspaper, The Aquinas. I also write sports stories for The Abington Journal. I played baseball until high school before quitting. I’ll never give up playing basketball, but when I got into college I had no interest in continuing to play organized basketball.

I absolutely love movies. If I had enough money and time, I would watch every movie that came into the theatre. My friends and I go almost every weekend and see approximately 40 movies a year. My favorite director is Christopher Nolan. Nolan is known for his Batman movies (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight), but his other movies, including Inception, The Prestige and Memento, are fantastic. I enjoy watching every genre of movie except for horror because, to be honest, they flat out scare me.

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