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Underworld comes back from the dead

After making the mistake of seeing Haywire on opening weekend, my friend and I went to see Underworld: Awakening. I¬†watched the first two Underworld movies a few hours before seeing the latest installment. I enjoyed Underworld and Underworld: Evolution, but … Continue reading

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Haywire doesn’t live up to title

I usually enjoy movies with a strong female character, who beats the crap out of anybody who stands in her way. Uma Thurman did a great job in both Kill Bill movies. I like Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider and … Continue reading

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Wahlberg Delivers Similar Performance

Going into every film, we all have a certain expectation of what a movie will give us. Mark Wahlberg movies are exceptionally entertaining. They’re not always the greatest movies, but they usually never disappoint. Wahlberg usually plays a righteous yet … Continue reading

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A Horrifying Start

To start off the 2012 movie season, my friends decided to see The Devil Inside. Originally, I did not want to see this movie because it’s a horror film and the trailer made it look absolutely terrifying. However, looking at … Continue reading

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I’m Joe!

Hey, I’m Joe Baress and I love sports and movies so I figured, why not create a blog where I discuss both? I’m a senior at the University of Scranton and I will start my final semester Jan. 30. I’m … Continue reading

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